CNC Routing

High Speed CNC Routing

Red Box Engineering is pleased to offer CNC routing throughout Southampton and the UK.


What is CNC Routing:

Computer numerically controlled routing is a manufacturing process used to guide drill-bits for the cutting, shaping and carving of materials.

We have multiple CNC routing machines throughout Red Box’s manufacturing facilities.

Due to the range and abundance of machines available, Red Box Engineering can service a wide array of projects.

Utilising CNC routing with foams, plastics or other speciality materials can provide an exceptional and complex part without the need of custom tooling.

This method of routing is very useful when fabricating inserts for tools and equipment in protective case and other specialty packaging applications as the routing heads can easily fabricate multiple cavity depths.

Red Box’s High Speed CNC routing using 3 axis control for the production of machined foams. A large bed gantry machine allows for foams up to 1.3 x 2.5 m to be machined in one operation or several matched or different nested pieces up to this size to be routed in one operation.

Finally, the thickness is unlimited by being capable of machining foams up to 100mm thick per pass which can then be laminated together.


Capabilities include the following:

  • 1x CNC Router with 1300mm x 2500mm x 100mm Capacity
  • 1x Vectric VCarve Pro Software
  • Solidworks Professional 2015/2016/2017



Contact Us:

Please contact us on (0)2380 254285 to receive more information regarding Red Box’s high speed CNC routing service.

Also, users can fill in our online contact form today.

This service is available in Totton, Eastleigh, Southampton and throughout the UK.