Laser Cutting

Red Box Engineering uses the OR-PH-04 CNC laser cutting machine for all laser cutting jobs

For All Your Laser Cutting Needs

Red Box Engineering offer a one-stop shop for all laser cutting requirements from one off prototypes through to high volume production runs. In addition to this we can also offer sheet metal fabrication, welding and powder coating in house so can offer a complete solution for your parts.

Our Design service utilises the latest 2D software including RADAN, meaning we can process your supplied flat pattern profiles (e.g. DXF, DWG) or create these for you if required. Furthermore, we can automatically nest your parts to minimise sheet wastage, offering a more cost-effective service.

Laser cutting has quickly become the preferred profiling machine used in industry because of its fast cutting speeds and cutting accuracy compared to Plasma Cutting. However, edge roughness was always a trade-off for this speed. Fortunately, Red Box have years of experience in laser cutting, utilising both compressed air and nitrogen as cutting gasses along with tried and tested cutting speeds to achieve the best results both in quality and efficiency.

Laser cutting is achieved by heating the material to the extent that it melts or vaporises. During this process the whole laser power is concentrated on one point with a diameter that is often less than 0.5mm. This minimises heat applied into the material, preventing it from warping and thus producing flatter parts.


Examples of our work:

CNC Laser Cutting at Red Box Tools Red Box Tools Laser Cutting That we Completed for a Customer

Laser Cutting That we Completed for a Customer Laser Cutting at Red Box Tools


There are also many other benefits to laser cutting:

  • Non-contact cutting – reduces material contamination
  • High Position Accuracy – ±0.03mm on cutting parameters
  • Repeat Repositioning Accuracy – ±0.02mm on repeated cuts


Our laser(s)

We currently own one RBOR-PH 3015 flat bed enclosed fibre laser cutting machine, suitable to accept sheets up to 3000mm x 1500mm.

The RBOR-PH 3015 is equipped with unique intelligent functions including:

Auto Focus Laser Head –   Adjust the focus position according to different material thicknesses

Collision Avoidance – The laser head automatically detects a collision and pauses movement until collision obstacle has been removed.

Auto Edge Finding – The laser will detect the edges of the material and auto rotate the cutting file to ensure all parts cut on the sheet to avoid wastage.

Operational Touch Screen – All operational parameters can be viewed / edited directly at the machine for ease of machine operation.


Materials and Thicknesses:

Our current laser cutting capabilities are shown below:

  • Aluminium – Up to 6mm thick
  • Brass / Copper – Up to 6mm thick
  • Mild Steel – Up to 10mm thick
  • Stainless Steel – Up to 8mm thick


We are able to cut materials up to 80mm thick utilising our Waterjet cutting machine which is also suitable to accept sheets up to 3000mm x 1500mm. This method of cutting also allows us to cut a wider variety of materials including – glass, plastics and woods.

Our in-house fabrication service includes the following services: –

CNC Cutting – Profiling parts using Laser, Waterjet, Routing machines

CNC Punching – Addition of special features to profiled parts such as louvres and dimples etc

CNC Forming – Forming and Folding of parts using 3M Bystronic Brake Press

Rolling – Rolling of parts up 1400mm long x 3mm thick.

Finishing – Finishing of parts such as countersinking holes, deburring, grinding of welds etc..

Welding – MiG and TiG welding of aluminium, mild and stainless steels

Powder Coating – Powder coating of parts up to 4500mm long x 1700mm wide x 1000mm tall


Red Box Engineering offer laser cutting in SouthamptonEastleigh, Totton, Winchester, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Andover, Fareham, Waterlooville, Romsey, and throughout the whole of the UK.


We provide services for jobs both big and small. To get a quote today contact our sales team by emailing or calling on 023 8025 4285.