Gyms, Changing Rooms, Shower and Toilet blocks

Shipping container conversions provide a perfect space to house a gym. They can be stacked any way to create the size you desire. They are perfect as a home gym or as a start-up business at home, parks, schools and colleges.

Air-conditioning units can be installed, as well as changing rooms, showers and toilets if needed. The exterior can be painted or clad depending on your brand and preferences. Logos can be added, in any material desired.

Our skilled team can go through the design of the shipping container conversion gym with you and bring it to life. The Red Box team can lay flooring, fit windows and doors, cladding, insulation and plumbing, whilst any electrics required can also be fitted into your converted gym, changing room, shower or toilet block. We can also help to design it around any colour scheme you have in mind. As well as help to arrange any graphics you may need.

If you have a design for your shipping container conversion gyms in mind, get in touch with our team on 02381 120114 or email and our team will be happy to help.

We are located in Southampton, Hampshire, but offer our services nationwide.