Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet CuttingRed Box Engineering is a leading provider of water jet cutting in Eastleigh, Southampton, Totton, Hampshire and throughout the UK.

Our Water jet Cutting machine uses a very high-pressure stream of water and abrasive particles to cut almost any material, up to 100mm thick.

The water jet can precisely cut almost any material.

This includes Steel, Alloys, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Stone, Tile, Glass, Concrete, Ceramics, Rubber and Plastics.

Due to the versatile nature of Water jet Cutting, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what the cutter can do for both businesses and individuals.

Our services are used for projects that require incredible accuracy and speed of production, for bulk and one-off requirements.

The water jet is used for signage, decorative purposes on stone tiling and floors, custom production of an array of metal parts for machinery and sculptures, and cutting stone for bespoke marble kitchen fittings; to name a few. As a result, this highlights the flexibility and benefits of the service.


There are many advantages to using Water jet cutting as opposed to other methods such as Plasma/Laser/EDM cutting.

These include:

  • No Heat-Affected Zones- the water jet process does not generate the same level of heat as other processes. There are no burn marks or changes to the composition of the materials through heat.
  • Cost Effective- Water Jet Cutting is cheaper than other processes.
  • Accuracy- the accuracy on water jet cutting is better than 0.002″, and can produce intricate designs with ease.
  • Burr-Free Edges- the water jet cuts with very little force, so there is a tiny, if not non-existent amount of burr generated.
  • Can Cut Composites- Can cut several materials glued together.
  • Water jet cutting is quick to set-up and programme.
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly- The cutter itself uses no harmful materials, and releases no noxious fumes, (such as vapourised metal, as in the case of laser cutting) with no fire risk.


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Red Box Engineering are based in Southampton, Eastleigh and provide water jet cutting in Totton, Hampshire and throughout the UK.

Please contact us regarding all enquiries on 023 8025 4285 or by emailing sales@redboxengineering.com.

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