The Benefits of Shipping Container Conversions

The Red Box TeamTo most people, shipping containers are simply large metal containers that enable goods to be transported around the world, whilst also allowing individuals to store their goods for specific period of time. However, to us, shipping containers offer a much more, as the Red Box Engineering team are able to convert these metal containers into modern and unique exhibition stands, pop-up shops, gyms, catering facilities and much, much more.


Here are a few of the main benefits that shipping containers offer:

  1. When converted, they offer something unique that provides huge benefits to many businesses, whether the shipping container is used as an exhibition stand, bar, office, gym or any of many other exciting possibilities. This includes providing a unique and bespoke setting that is sure to wow and intrigue visitors.
  2. It is possible to transport shipping containers from one location to another, which is perfect if you are attending a variety of exhibitions or events throughout the year.
  3. Converting an unloved shipping container offers incredible value when compared to renting a business property or venue, and provide a greater range of flexibility too.
  4. There are a variety of shipping container sizes available, so you will be able to choose a container that is the ideal size for your specific requirements.
  5. The fact that shipping containers are made from corten steel means that they are extremely strong and durable. This is perfect when they have been converted into an exhibition stand, for example, as you will be sheltered from downpours and windy conditions – always a problem in the UK even in the summer – so event visitors will naturally be tempted to head to your shipping container for cover, which means greater visibility and exposure to your target audience.
Red Box Engineering provide a first class shipping container conversions service, and you can contact us today by calling 02381 120114 or completing our contact form today.