We can accommodate just about any welding job!

Welding at Red Box EngineeringThe Red Box Engineering team pride themselves on being an adaptive bunch and are happy to provide a free quote with any one-off or repeated projects you may have in the pipeline. We offer several diverse services but this week, we’d like to highlight some of the different welding jobs we’ve had over the past couple of weeks.

We’ll start off with this small MIG welding job from one of our neighbours on the industrial estate, who needed a new wheel put on one of their trolleys. We cleaned up the surface area of any old paint before we began, made sure we had everything square and then proceeded to weld on the new wheel. We then gave it a fresh splash of paint and it was good to go. Simple.

Next up and something you may have seen in our previous post, we’ve been manufacturing some aluminium planters for one of our regular customers. Before powder coating them in an assortment of colours, we cut the required parts with our laser cutter and chop saw and then rolled the outer strip, ready to be welded up.

No matter the level of complexity, the end goal always remains the same; an effective and durable final product. A good weld is strong and durable with an aesthetically pleasing finish. Red Box Engineering have proficient and experienced MIG and TIG welders who have worked with materials such as stainless, mild steel and aluminium and have completed many intricate jobs such as welding the casing for aircraft ground power units for our Aviation company. However, we’re more than happy help out with any smaller jobs you may have.

If you have any projects that require welding, feel free to contact our Sales team today for a quote free of charge. You can get hold of them by emailing sales@redboxengineering.com or giving us a call on 02381 120114.


Welding at Red Box Engineering

Welding at Red Box Engineering