Come visit our tool shop, we made (most of it) ourselves!

If you haven’t already visited our renovated tool shop, why not? It’s been well over a year since we re-opened! When the overhaul initially began, the Red Box Engineering team fabricated a lot of the metalwork required, whether it was the shelving for display racking, signage; we even re-cladded the front exteriors of our tool shop and workshop too! Our latest addition however is the shelving unit pictured below, manufactured to fit snugly into a dead space where two walls meet.

The task consisted of multiple engineering processes such as creating a design, laser cutting and folding the shelving panels, sawing the box section to create the structure and then welding it all together. They team then applied the finishing treatment by powder coating it in our favourite colour. To finish off, the guys also submitted some material for their modelling portfolios; what a diverse (and handsome) trio!


a diverse (and handsome) trio      


If you have anything that you’d like for us to look at, feel free to contact our Sales Team who can provide you with a quote free of charge. Just give them a call on +44 (0)2380 254285 or contact them via email at Alternatively, why not swing by and check out the tool shop whilst you’re at it too? We stock plenty of BAHCO, Draper and FACOM individual tools, have some of our pre-designed tool kits on display, or you can have a chat with us about creating a completely custom tool kit to match your requirements.