Smiles all round with new tool kit solutions

The Red Box Engineering team have all been provided with their own BAHCO tool kits, complete with shadow foaming.

Partner company, Red Box Tools, creates storage solutions for kits that need some organisation. Shadow foam is a bespoke foam service, where tools are scanned and designed to fit into a layer of 2 colour foam. This foam is then routed using a CNC routing machine, this creates perfect fit slots for each tool to sit in. These slots have push points, where the foam is routed deeper on one end of the shape, making it quick and easy to remove the tool from the foam.

A tool solution was needed in the Engineering workshop, as the hours were adding up, with lost time spent searching for missing tools. Productivity has increased within the workshop, as each engineer has their own tool kit that they use each day. Meaning that they can keep track of their own tools and ensure that they are all there at the end of the day. This is the perfect solution and alternative to using communal tool kits, where people lose track of what is kept where and whether things have been returned at the end of the working day.

Shadow Foam is a useful tool to make an easy check over what is missing at the end of the day. A normal tool kit, would most likely have the tools put into random drawers, with different things mixed together, making it nearly impossible to tell what is missing or in the wrong kit just from a glance.

A tool kit without shadow foaming is less organised, creating a space where tools are “thrown in”, then, time is spent rummaging around for them! Not only does it waste time it can damage the tools. Especially if you are moving your kit from site to site. Shadow foam can help to protect tools as they are kept in one place and do not move around inside the kit.

This is an issue in garages and workshops all over. Decreased productivity, time wasted searching for the right tool and tools going missing or getting damaged. But with Red Box Tool kits and solutions this isn’t an issue, making life much easier!

Liam, from Red Box Engineering says “BAHCO tools are really good quality, which is essential for us as we are using our tools every day. It’s great that they also come with a life time guarantee.”

If you would like more information on Shadow Foaming and our tool kits head over to the Red Box Tools WebsiteMore information about CNC Routing is available here.