Waterjet Cutting – Bulk Orders Made Easy

Amongst all the challenges that have arisen over the past year, the Red Box Engineering team have still been able to churn out customer orders with help from our waterjet:



Waterjet Cutting Orders Made EasyAs a leading provider of waterjet cutting throughout the UK, the team can program the machinery to precisely cut materials varying from 0.2mm tin (pictured below) right up to 100mm mild steel.

We can use the jet for any project, for bulk parts for businesses or small, one-off parts for individuals which require absolute precision. Steels and metals aren’t the only materials we can cut on the jet though, the team have had projects ranging from cutting greenhouse glass, stone, bathroom tiles, foam, concrete, ceramics, rubber and plastics just to name a few.

If you still aren’t sure, there are many advantages to using waterjet as a cutting method, opposed to others such as Plasma/Laser/EDM cutting.


These include:

  • No burn marks or changes to the structure of the material because of through excess heat
  • Cheaper than other cutting processes with a quick and simple set-up
  • Waterjet Cutting by Red Box EngineeringThe accuracy of the waterjet is better than 0.002″ and can cut very intricate designs
  • Near burr-free edges
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • It’s even helped the team earn free Subway sandwiches!


If you or your company need assistance in the cutting of parts for any upcoming engineering projects you may have, please feel free to contact our proficient sales team on 02381 120114 or via email at sales@redboxengineering.com.