Sub-Contract Work

Red Box Engineering offers custom sub-contract fabrication and manufacturing solutions including product design and engineering, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and distribution. This enables our customers to focus on their core strengths in order to get their product to market.

The service that Red Box provides allows us to be the right partner by offering the right level of expertise, technology and facilities. Our specialties are within the metal fabrication, electrical and general assembly with specially trained and qualified staff in each department. Whilst our factory enables us to handle every option from prototyping to large production runs, including awkward products enabling ad-hoc batch call-offs or regular scheduled deliveries. Including warehouse space to store both component and finished stock.

Sub-Contract Fabrication with Red Box Engineering:

We can take an idea and design it into prototypes and production models, using a diverse range of equipment for all processes, ready to put your design into real life. Using the latest in design software and equipment, we can work with your company to streamline the design process.

Producing the metalwork:

Once we have the design ready we can then get started on the metalwork. Sub-Contract Fabrication

Powder Coating and Painting:

After the metal has been shaped and folded, we then powder coat the product, if needed.

Sub-Contract FabricationAssembly of products:

Once the GPU’s have been coated we can start to assemble them, to create the final product, the RBSC50.

Contact the Red Box Engineering team regarding your sub-contract fabrication requirements.