watercupThe strength of the Red Box group is the combined skills of metalcraft with the knowledge of our electrical team. This enables us to produce a diverse range of integrated “Electro-Mechanical” items with the incorporation of the two areas that other solely mechanical or electrical engineers don’t naturally have.

Our metal fabrication and metal welding capabilities include; metal prototyping, laser cuttingmetal folding, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, metal forming, steel fabrication and more.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our range of capabilities, or see below for some examples of the types of applications that our fabrication facilities can be used for:

This can range from projects as diverse and customised as detailed:
  • Control cabinets in bespoke shapes or those requiring specialist access, machine frames bases and beds.
  • Cable ways and arms for machine tools and robots.
  • Gate access and door automation and control.
  • UPS and Battery racks including cabling and charging control.
  • Bespoke lighting and illumination displays for buildings, architectural features and retail displays
  • Stage / Theatre Engineering, customised scenery components, platforms and staging.
  • Commercial Catering frames, tables, units, extraction equipment and serving racks
  • Sculptures

Or standard metal fabrication and metal welding projects including:
  • Machine Guards
  • Electronic chassis and panels
  • Stainless and Aluminum fabrications
  • Handrails
  • Security cages
  • Cladding Sections
  • Tanks
  • Enclosures
  • Hoppers
  • Custom Brackets
  • And much more………

Metal fabrication by Red Box Engineering.

Our capabilities include