Past Projects

Christmas Decoration Frames for Blue Diamond Garden Centres

Stainless Steel Covers

Depth Sonar Boat

Tool Cabinet Topper Trays

Pet Bath

Phone Box Renovation – Outside Shower

Container Conversion – Red Box Tools Exhibition Stand

Aluminium steps for lorry access and Mild Steel ramp

Mural at Alverstoke Infant School, Gosport

Toilet Accessories


The Reef – Luxury apartments in Boscombe

Pines cones, Bournemouth. Art Installation designed by Laleh Yeganegy

25ft tall spire art installation with integral light feature – now located outside the Brook in Swaythling

Stealth supercar – Red Box Engineering fabricated all chassis parts and panelling etc. for three Stealth supercars, one car was delivered to Speedworks and another to the GT championship in Canada

Bespoke, Art Deco mirror frame. Eventually fitted with bevelled glass

Camping Stove

West Quay shopping mall, Southampton