Metal Sawing

metal sawingRed Box Engineering is one of the leading providers of metal sawing in Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton and throughout the UK.

We have a number of chop saws that are regularly use to cut angle box section and tube in mild steel stainless steel and aluminium, therefore enabling us to be perfectly set up to deal with all metal sawing capabilities.

Chop saws are used to create a rough, initial abrasive cut in a desired material.

In principle, a chop saw is an electrically powered motor which turns a high speed abrasive wheel.

There is a variety of parts machinable by the chop saw, explaining why it’s used within the metal sawing process.

The chop saw can make an initial straight, abrasive cut in a material to either make the piece of better workable size or to create a rough outline of a desired shape.

The chop saw is used in the initial stages of a project because of the draft quality present in its work.

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Red Box Engineering offer metal sawing in Southampton, Eastleigh Totton, Hampshire, and throughout the UK.