Catering and Canteens

Catering Spaces

If you are looking for a unit for food preparation, the Red Box Container Conversions team can turn a shipping container into the ideal catering space! We lay flooring and clad and paint walls. As part of the package we fit kitchen worktops, storage and appliances. Your package can include taps, electricity and gas if necessary, along with the exterior painting and design. We will fit extractor fans and smoke detectors therefore ensuring that you comply with Health and Safety regulations.


If you are looking for a space for staff to enjoy their breaks, but you are also limited on current space, a container may be the perfect canteen solution. At Red Box we carry out shipping container conversions into a usable, easy to maintain space for employees to take their lunch breaks.

We can fit windows and doors to the container to let light into your new canteen. We will lay suitable flooring to fit your needs, clad walls and install insulation. Once the basics have been sorted, work starts on fitting worktops, sinks, taps, heating and any cooking units. Electrics will be fitted by our team and we can even provide gas fittings, should this be required.

Finally, every container is finished off to a high standard. The exterior of the container can be painted to any colour scheme desired. It can also be clad in order to fit in with its surroundings.

For more information regarding our shipping container conversions contact our sales team on or call 02381 120114.

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