Exhibition Stands

At Red Box Container Conversions, we like to consider exhibitions stands as our specialty! Creating a stand out of 4, 40ft containers was where we started, when we created a stand for our partner company, Red Box Tools for the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Shipping containers, when converted, make the perfect stand to have at shows and exhibitions. They are spacious and versatile, meaning that you can create a space that suits your needs. They are stack able, therefore creating storage for your products and marketing material whilst you are at the show. Undertaking a shipping container conversion can be a great piece of marketing for your company, as it is different and stands out from the rest!

At Red Box, we will go through the exhibition stand container conversion design with you and what you are aiming to achieve with your stand.  Once a design has been made, we can start work on the conversion. You will mostly likely want to have a side removed from the container to create an open stand, so this is where we start. If you are planning on have a glass front or just doors then this is all possible too.

Flooring will be laid and walls will be clad and painted. We will fit lighting and speakers if needed. The team will install any fixed units such as bars, shelving and cupboards. With a project such as an exhibition stand, the exterior of the container is important. Included in the plan, will be the design for the branding on the outside. The container can be painted, or it can be clad, depending on what suits your requirements most. We can create graphics in a range of materials and these can also be painted.

Our team can also carry out conversions for gyms, restaurants, shops and much more.

To view the process of creating the Red Box stand, click here. There is also an exhibition stand container conversions gallery on our website, click here to view this.

We are located in Southampton, Hampshire, but offer our services nationwide.

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