Foam Routing at Red Box Engineering

Red Box Engineering are proud to supply shadow foam cutting as part of their many services available to our customers.

At Red Box we create shadow foam layers for tool kits that are sold at Red Box Tools. Many people come to us to have their tools scanned and designed into each layer, so they can walk away with a perfectly organised toolkit!

Each layer of foam is in 2 colours, so that spotting missing tools is easier. The process is simple and once we have scanned your tools we can begin the process of routing the foam. We can even come to you to scan your tools on site.

We use High Speed CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routing for the production of the foams and we can machine foam up to 100mm thick, we then laminate these parts together.

Recently the Red Box Tools team went to San Sebastian in Northern Spain to visit their partners BAHCO, they were provided with tours of the plants and saw shadow foam routing taking place there also. Each of the BAHCO kits include shadow foam inlays and we are proud to be providing such a service.

If you are interested in our shadow foam cutting and foam routing service, and would like shadow foaming in your kit, call us on 02381 120114 or email