Arthur Holt – Life Stories Prototype

Metal PrototypingDiscover how the Red Box Engineering team created the Life Stories prototype:

Item Description

This is a reminiscence tool for people living with dementia and their loved ones, allowing people to easily access digital media (videos/ music of past events) with using the slides. It is inspired by old 35mm slide projectors.


About the buyer

Arthur Holt was a student, the Life Stories prototype was for his final year university project, now he will introduce this product on a conference in early July.


The process

Arthur contacted us more than a year ago regarding the Life Stories prototype for his project, however the job has been put on hold for months. In the meantime, he has finished university, but contacted us in early April 2019 to look into this again. It has gone to sale straight away.

Following several meetings between him and the team, we successfully finalised the design, all the details and eventually he came to collect the completed prototype on 28/06/19.

Life StoriesAfter he has expressed how satisfied he was with the outcome, he ensured us that he would have other projects for us in the future and will look forward to working with us again.


Our manufacture list

The job was drawn in solid works and programmed to run on our waterjet cutter and cnc punch press by our 3d draughtsman. We then cut on our waterjet cutter and punched on our cnc punch press from 1.5mm mild steel sheet, and the job was then deburred and sanded to give a smooth surface for safe handling. Each component was then folded on our cnc press brake before M4 nutserts were placed in fixing holes for assembly.

The part was then quality checked and sent to our paint shop where all parts were thoroughly cleaned and prepped for painting.

All parts were then powder coated to their specific colors then cured in the oven.


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