CNC Wood Routing Explained

CNC Wood Routing at Red Box EngineeringLast month, the Red Box Team introduced CNC wood routing as a service to customers so we thought we’d dive a little deeper on the machinery itself, its benefits and what we can fabricate with it. Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are computer-controlled cutting machines which use a high-speed rotary unit known as a spindle to cut, carve or trim several different materials such as metals, plastics and foam but for this article, we’ll focus on wood.

As its name suggests, the CNC router is controlled by a computer in which co-ordinates created via CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture for short) software are uploaded to. The machinery can be manually operated by a user although this is a less practical option compared to an automated process which can create broader opportunities for the finished product. Once the program has been uploaded, the workpiece is held in place via high-powered vacuum suction pods ready for the routing to begin.

For mass-produced items, CNC routers are the go-to choice for wood routing. The benefits for the customer include:

  • It allows wood to be cut with incredible accuracy at a high speed
  • Reduced waste due to the computerized operation, eliminating human error
  • Larger cutting field – Routers have a large bed so pieces can be cut in bulk, revolutionizing production capacity
  • Once a program has been created for the router, parts can be manufactured over and over with ease

“So what can you make?” you may be wondering. CNC wood routing broadens our horizons, as it allows to create larger items like signage, shelves, doors, counter tops, drawers, furniture and cabinets at high volume, whilst also handling complex designs like engravings or decorative ornaments. We’ve even made skateboards in the past! The possibilities are endless.

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