Red Box Renovate Run Down Phone Box

A recent exciting project in the workshop was this Phone Box Renovation. The team brought to life a run down phone box after a client wanted it renovated into an outside shower for use with their hot tub!

The team started by taking the box part into each individual part, this was shot blasted. This is the process of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface, therefore turning a rough surface into a smooth one, that is ready to be worked with. Once this was done each part was primed, making it a better surface to powder coat.

Once each part was prepped, brackets were made to hold each of the corner together. The team then drilled and tapped the phone box. The castings were very damaged, as the phone box was quite old. These were repaired with metal filler. The base for the box was very run down, as a result it needed some attention before it could be set into place. Extra supports were put in place to ensure that it all held together well.

Finally, it was then powder coated red, and test fitted in the workshop. Where it was delivered on site in bits, ready to be bolted.

Once on site the Red Box customers fitted the phone box renovation with a shower and stone effect flooring, ready for use as an outside shower alongside the hot tub!

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