It’s a Sh** Job but Somebody has to Make it!

It's a sh** JobThe Red Box Engineering Team have recently had one of their most ‘interesting’ of jobs to date, they were asked to create a litter tray to fit on a customer’s balcony for their beloved Bulldog. Yes, you read that right.

Although very handsome, Wallace isn’t the most athletically gifted dog in the world and sometimes struggles getting up and down his apartment complex stairs, his owners thought of adding a little space on their unused balcony so he could… do his thing if ever in a pinch.

The Team started on-site by measuring up and then got to work with getting the material cut on our waterjet. This was then put straight into the folders to create a lip on each side and was then welded together form the tray. After cleaning it up, the tray went through our powder coating bay so that it matched the white picket fence they had already purchased but to also protect it from scratching, corrosion and general wear and tear.

Once complete, the Team delivered the tray and fit the fencing.

And there you have it, one job we certainly won’t forget. Despite his VERY grumpy face, Wallace’s owners have advised that we have another happy customer!

We’re always keen to try to manufacture new things, no matter how large the scale or peculiar the task at hand may be! If there’s anything you have that you’d like us to take a look at, please feel free to contact us via our Sales Team on +44 (0)2380 254285 or via email at


A Very Happy Bulldog sitting in the Litter Tray Created by the Red Box Team