Steel Flanges for Josh Hall

Steel FlangesThe Red Box Engineering team were pleased to recently complete work on creating steel flanges for Josh Hall.

Josh himself explained the purpose behind the parts made, “The parts cut are flanges for an exhaust manifold and will fit an Audi S2 turbo engine. The best flange will be used as a spacer to space out a large turbo from an off the shelf Inconel exhaust manifold that we already¬†have.”

Upon completion of the work, Josh expressed how pleased he was with the end product, “I am very impressed with the fit!! In fact, I would say better or as good as factory. The flanges will require little finishing.”

Josh has since showed interest in Red Box’s foam rooting solutions and has got some more exciting projects for Red Box Engineering to review in the future.



  • Material: 9mm thick mild steel
  • Process: design team drew up the parts in order to create program for the waterjet, liaised design & confirmed dimensions with customer, then waterjet cutting.


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