What is CNC Milling?

What is CNC Milling?Not quite sure what CNC milling means? If so, let Red Box Engineering explain all in our latest blog post!

CNC is the abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control, and is commonly used across a wide range of technologies and machinery, with CNC milling being one of the most commonly used machines that fall into the category.

But what is CNC Milling – In short, it is a type of CNC machining where the cutter is able to move along multiple axes. This means that there is a greater flexibility in the cutting process, resulting in a vast number of shapes, holes and other impressions being cut into your chosen material. By comparison, a standard drill has a much more limited level of flexibility due to it being restricted to a single axis motion, so, overall, milling offers our customers a greater level of possibilities.


What Materials Can Be Cut Using The Process?

As mentioned above, flexibility comes as standard when talking about CNC milling, and the same applies from a materials perspective. Although more commonly used with metal materials, almost all types of materials are suitable for milling, although it is important that the right CNC machine tools are chosen depending on the material used for the process. To achieve the best results, it is essential that the material density is considered, along with the rotation of the cutting tool, before any work is carried out.


What is The Difference Between a CNC Mill and a CNC Router?

Although very similar, there are some important differences between CNC milling and CNC routing, with the biggest being the type of materials that they are largely used for. For example, soft materials, such as plastic, light metals and wood are ideal for CNC routing, whereas CNC milling is more adept when used on heavier materials, such as heavy metals, hard plastic and wood due to  mill machines usually being far stronger than router machines.

Also, if the job requires greater precision, CNC milling produces far better results than routers. This is down to the fact that the milling machine is able to cut metal at an incredible 1,000th of an inch, hence why this process is extremely common across industrial tasks, as precision is key.


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