Bespoke Shadow Foam for AMC Jets

AMC Jets recently supplied waterjet pumps to a large engineering company based in Europe. As part of a value added service AMC Jets wanted to keep some consumable parts for the pumps in stock for their new customer. However rather than delivering these parts in a bag or generic box, they wanted to present the parts in a professional and secure manner. After looking at a couple of ideas from other companies, they decided to use Red Box Tools based on their innovative design of bespoke shadow foam


AMC Jets offer the very latest in complete waterjet systems and pumps from Techni Waterjet. They are able to give their customers the full complete waterjet package from the very latest energy efficient, easy to maintain pumps, to complete custom waterjet systems. AMC Jets also offer full servicing for their customer’s waterjet cutting machines.


Red Box Tools chose to use black and blue foam for this project, to match the corporate colours for the engineering company. As an extra amenity the team presented the company logo for the company on the bespoke foam layer.  The design was created using 2D CAD software, and the foam was routed using a high speed CNC router.  Due to application they also selected oil resistant foam.

Blue and Black Shadow Foam

Shadow Foam for Tooling

The finished bespoke shadow foam presented a perfect solution for AMC Jets requirements.


Red Box Tools offer a complete bespoke and custom foam service. From scanning the items to creating the perfect layout for your foam solution, the team are happy to help.