Storage system for a bespoke kitchen solution

It’s no secret that a room with a well-organised space is both efficient and comforting. The capability of an organised room is far greater than the fight to find the space for a new item or the struggle to reach for that one thing you need right at the back. This is the case for the most recent customer at Red Box Engineering who was after a complete set of trays to fit each cupboard in their kitchen, creating a bespoke storage system.


Engineering at its best

Red Box Engineering make bespoke trays

Untidy cupboard

Before storage system was introduced

Bespoke trays

Made to fit storage trays



Rather than buying generic trays for their cupboards they wanted bespoke tailored storage system to fit the exact dimensions of the cupboard. It’s very easy to get your hands on cupboard trays for the kitchen but they will never fit precisely, which can cut off some parts of the cupboards. This then takes away from the main purpose of the trays, which is to create extra space and easy access.

Every cupboard in the kitchen was fitted with bespoke trays to add easy access for all parts of the cupboard. This was particularly useful for corner cupboards to add access to those hard to reach areas. After speaking to Red Box Engineering it was clear that the trays needed to be lightweight so aluminium was chosen as the main material for the job.

in need of sorting

The unorganised cupboard needs trays

Long metal fabricated trays

The trays help to make everything in the cupboard accessible

bespoke storage trays

A great storage solution for your food

Before the manufacturing process could begin it was essential to have the cupboards measured exactly. These measurements were then taken to production where the aluminium was cut on the guillotine. This was then folded on the folder, welded and punched on the CNC punch to create a hole for the handle. These were then powder coated in an off white to conform to the colour palette for the rest of the kitchen.

The final product was a perfect fitting kitchen storage system that full maximized the space available. To start designing your bespoke kitchen storage system contact the Red Box team today. – 02381 120114