We can help with any project, big or small…

At Red Box Engineering we do not steer towards the larger projects and turn away any ad-hoc orders we receive.

We can help you to create even the smallest parts, if needed. From Brass Key holes to dog tags and custom brackets.

The Red Box Engineering team have a wide range of skills and capabilities, therefore we can assist you with your project.

Our metal fabrication and metal welding capabilities include, metal prototyping, metal folding, water jet cutting, plasma cutting, metal forming and much more. This range means we can complete a range of projects to suit your needs. You can view a full list of our capabilities here.

We can help with more than Metal Fabrication

Not only do we carry out metal fabrication projects we can route shadow foam too. Primarily we use the foam router to create foams for our tool kits at Red Box Tools. The foam layers keeps the tools in place. It also keeps them safe and reduces the risk of them getting lost. We can create foams for many other organisation purposes that you may need in the workshop, home, garden or business.

Finally, for more images on our past projects, click here.

To contact the team for a quote or to simply discuss a design please call 023 8025 4285 or email sales@redboxengineering.com