Metal Fabrication for luxury homes, working with Limitless Ltd

Limitless Ltd are a regular customer at Red Box Engineering and we always enjoy viewing the end product in use. Limitless Ltd are a natural light solution company, providing stylish and modern light solutions in the home and workplace, across the UK and worldwide.

Among their range includes Basement Light Shafts, Walk-on Glazing, Parans, Light Well Covers and Shafts. All of these products are designed to allow maximum light into buildings, provide ventilation and make spaces feel larger.

These stainless steel frames, will be used as windows to allow light into homes. These frames were made out of 3mm Stainless Steel. This was Water Jet Cut, folded and hand finished. Finally, once the frames are fitted by the client with glass they will look stunning in a new home.

Other projects that Red Box have worked with Limitless on include creating load-bearing glazing covers for a family dining room, a family media room and three covers for light shafts to fit into kitchens. The metalwork we created all went into a remarkable luxury home, that is currently on the market for £12 million.

A word from the director

Pandora, a Director at Limitless stated “Red Box fabricated beautiful work from our specification, with load-bearing glazing covers.”

We look forward to the next project with the Limitless team!

For more information on how the Red Box team can help you in regards to metal fabrication for luxury homes, contact us on 02381 120114 or email