Container Conversions to Help the Homeless

Earlier this year, it was announced that homeless people in Cardiff could soon be living in converted shipping containers by the end of 2019.

Work started on building 13 homes in Butetown, with a further eight homes being developed in the grounds of a hostel in Ely.

Kath Palmer, Cadwyn Housing Association chief executive, said they would provide much-needed temporary housing, pending more permanent solutions.

The scheme, which is funded by Cardiff Council and the Welsh Government, would result in the homeowners benefiting from the same comforts as a standard home.

We think that this is an incredible idea and a great way to ensure that there are fewer and fewer homeless people throughout Cardiff. We can only hope that the scheme catches on throughout the UK, and it really highlights the versatility of shipping containers and shows why container conversions are becoming increasing popular for a range of solutions.

Read the full article on the BBC website here.