How to Maintain the Quality of your Powder Coated parts

How to Clean Powder Coated PartsIn several of our previous posts, we’ve explained how powder coating is one of the most durable finishes you can apply to a part or component. The quality of the finish is unmatched, leaving you with an even and vibrant coat and with a little effort on your part, it can last indefinitely. However, with frequent use without regular maintenance, many of these items suffer from regular wear and tear over time and can consequently deteriorate and lose their lustre.

In today’s post, we’re going to list some tips and tricks on all the ways you can take care of your powder coated pieces at home and beyond to slow down the deterioration and keep them looking brand new for years to come:

Don’t paint over any scratches – We would personally advise against trying to touch up any damage or imperfections with paint, as you won’t be able to achieve an exact colour match, the paint itself won’t properly adhere to the already powder coated surface and will weather differently to the original coat. If your powder coated work is starting to show signs of wear and tear, give us a call to get booked in with us. We’ll then inspect the part and repair and re-coat (more on that below)



Cleaning – As powder coating is an organic coating, it needs to be cleaned, washed and maintained regularly to ensure that the decorative and protective properties are retained. The frequency of cleaning is dependent on factors such as where the item is located/stored, the environment surrounding the component and whether the part will be subject to wear and tear from repetitive use or if it will be in contact with substances that can cause damage. If the part in questions is likely to suffer from the effects of wear and tear and corrosion, we would recommend cleaning at least once every 3 months. However, depending on the condition of the environment and surroundings, this can be increased or reduced to match.

Cleaning Powder Coated PartsThe best method of cleaning is by regular washing with warm water, mild detergent and a soft sponge or cloth. Do not under any circumstances use any kind of solvent cleaner as it could damage the powder coating or cause it to deteriorate and age rapidly. A good rule of thumb is that any detergents that recommend the use of gloves when handling should be avoided as this is a good indication that the detergent is harsh and therefore unsuitable for cleaning a powder coated surface. Additionally, if you’re going to use a pressure washer, make sure it’s always on the lowest setting possible, as some pressure washers have the capability of stripping your coat and harming the underlying material

Waxing – If your powder coated object is handled often, is moved about regularly or bumped into, it will be worth your while to protect it with wax. If you own a car, then either yourself or the workers at your local car wash have probably applied a coat of wax at least once to protect it keep it looking all nice and shiny. Powder coating can benefit from wax in the same way, so if you have any spare you should be able to use a light coating of it on your part. Apply the wax and wipe off any remaining once you’re finished to avoid permanent staining. However, make sure that it is non-abrasive and if your products are meant for outdoor usage, your wax should include some form of UV protection

Maintenance scheduling – It should go without saying but Red Box recommend regularly inspecting your powder coated items. As we’ve mentioned previously, this will be dependent on where they’re situated (What’s the environment like? Are they inside or outside?) and are they vulnerable to taking some knocks here and there. Keep an eye out and if it’s required, revisit the cleaning section or if the coating has been compromised, it may be time to get it re-coated

Re-coating and repairing (when necessary) – There are millions of ways your powder coating may become damaged. A fluke accident, gradual wear due to incorrect use over the years ting shade should be used. The results can range from a change of colour, loss of gloss or deep scratches, chips and corrosion. If your work is showing any of the signs listed, get in contact with us and we will review the situation. The part in question may ned to be repaired, so our Engineering team can shot blast the component to strip the coat without harming the material and make any repairs necessary. We can then re-coat these to get your product looking brand new again

By following the tips above and with a little TLC on your end, powder coated parts can sustain their appearance and quality without letting up. Although, whenever the time comes when a re-coat is required, we’ll be here, ready to accept the challenge! If you’re in need of our powder coating services, contact our Sales team today on +44 (0)2380 254285 or contact them via email at