What are the Signs of a Good MIG and TIG Welder?

TIG welding at Red Box EngineeringAlmost everywhere you turn, you can find some form of welding in our modern world. The automotive, aerospace, construction and infrastructure, manufacturing, marine and transportation industries use welding, making it one of the most important fabrication processes available. Because of this, welding technicians needs to be highly trained and skilled, as the process utilises sophisticated techniques based upon the materials and applications required. No matter the level of complexity, the end goal always remains the same; an effective and durable final product. A good weld is strong and durable with an aesthetically pleasing finish and every manufacturer and industry has to follow certain quality standards to obtain ISO certification.

Red Box Engineering have several proficient and experienced MIG and TIG welders and in this post we’re going to break down the signs of good welds for both applications. If you’re unsure on whether these styles of welds are appropriate for your job, have a look at our previous post on the differences between the two.


The Difference Between Steel and MetalMIG Welding

  • A smooth, consistent weld with minimal or no discolouration
  • No cracks
  • No solidifying of the remaining flux after the weld area cools, also known as ‘slag’
  • No holes within the weld beads after the weld has been applied
  • Some colouration on the base metal
  • A flat weld bead profile without any dips or craters
  • Straight and uniform in appearance


TIG Welding

  • No signs of tungsten metal particles in the weld
  • A distinct pattern of smooth weld beads
  • TIG Welding at Red Box EngineeringLack of pores on the surface of the weld
  • No visible signs of slag
  • No holes in the material after welding, also known as burn out
  • Tiny and neatly layered welds
  • Visually pleasing


With a vast knowledge of both MIG and TIG across different materials, our welders have completed many complex  jobs such as welding the casing for aircraft ground power units for our Aviation company but we’re more than happy help out with smaller jobs as well if you just need something tacked up.

Put our skills to the test by booking in with us today via our Sales Team by emailing sales@redboxengineering.com or giving us a call on 02381 120114.


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