Red Box can help you with sprucing up your home this spring!

Red Box EngineeringSpring has officially arrived and the change in the air and weather brings a sense of renewal to several and around this time of year, many people take the opportunity to refresh their homes by decluttering or ‘spring cleaning’. As it stands, Red Box don’t currently offer any clean-up services, however, we can help you with getting your home décor a little more organised by building you bespoke shelving, cabinetry or any other decorative pieces you may be after.

For example, the Engineering Team recently received a request for a ladder shelf (photographed below); the customer sent over photos of similar designs for reference which enabled our Design Team to bring the concept to life. Once the plan was complete and approved, this was then manufactured through cutting, folding and welding processes.

Additionally, in a previous post we mentioned that our Paint and Powder Team can help to rejuvenate some of your old furniture through powder coating. There are a number of things we can apply a re-coat to, all we need is the RAL number that you’re after, just take a look at the link provided.

If you fancy having something made to inject some more character in to your home or want to give a piece of well-loved furniture a makeover alongside protecting it from further wear and tear, contact our Sales team today on +44 (0)2380 254285 or contact them via email at


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