Rejuvenate Your Household Items: A List of Common Objects That can be Powder Coated

Our household furniture is used in some capacity every single day. Whether it’s something we sit on, rest on, store something in and hang or display something on, it is chosen and relied upon for its functionality and aesthetic appeal. However, with frequent use, many of these items suffer from regular wear and tear over time and can consequently deteriorate quickly and lose their lustre.

“That’s just the way life goes” some of you may be thinking but this is something that can be mostly avoided. Here at Red Box Paint and Powder, we see ourselves as a group of fixer-uppers and believe that it’s important that we take care of things we already own rather than constantly buying new. Our Powder Coating services can help bring new life to many of your belongings and reinvigorate your home.

Powder coating is a highly durable, versatile and attractive finish which protects a material from wear, like chips and scratches, corrosion and fading. In a previous post, we highlighted all of the benefits powder coating provides, you can take a look here. With a range of colours available, we can coat anything made from metal and you wouldn’t believe all of the things we can revitalise so we thought we’d compile a list for you:


Chairs – Indoor and Outdoor:


Cabinets and Other Storage:




Indoor Tables:


Garden Decorations:




Clothing Rails, Hangers and Hooks:


Lamps and Lamp Shades:




Curtain Rails:


Coffee Tables:


Hand Rails:




Bike Frames:






Garden Screen Panels:


And that’s just naming a few! If you fancy giving something a makeover and protecting it from further wear and tear, contact our Sales team today on +44 (0)2380 254285 or contact them via email at