Red Box Container Conversions – the latest addition to the Red Box Group

The Red Box Group: Red Box International, Engineering and Tools will soon have a fourth addition, Red Box Container Conversions

This follows on from the brilliant work that the Red Box Engineering team carried out on the Red Box Tools stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed this year. 4 40ft shipping containers were bought ready for the team to convert into an exhibition stand! This was a huge project and the end product was brilliant.

Red Box Container Conversions will be carried out by our skilled team of engineers, they will be ready to turn your container idea into a real life design and concept.

We have a range of capabilities available in order to be able to create the design you desire. We will be offering a complete service from design through to completion of the project. We can fit windows, doors and plumbing. We can also lay flooring, create graphics and have the containers painted in the colours you choose.

There are many uses for an old shipping container, the options are endless. We can create office spaces, exhibition stands, cafes, restaurants, bars, galleries, shops, meeting areas, mobile catering facilities, mobile tea/break rooms for on-site projects. Containers can be split into multi compartments to create storage, or storage units with shelving and cupboards. They can even be used at festivals!

Containers are robust and secure, meaning that they have many different uses in different industries. They are becoming more and more popular, especially as pop-up shops and cafes and even houses. It is a more affordable way of adding space to a workplace, home or shop as these containers can be adapted with all kinds of features. You would be surprised at how a rusty container can turn into a sleek office space!

With so many options available, we are excited to get started with this new venture and to see what exciting projects we will take on.

Visit the Red Box Container Conversions website for further information.