Creating Electrical Enclosures

Red Box Engineering’s latest project is with Swindon Silicon Systems. The team created an electrical enclosure front plate for the electronics manufacturer.

They provided the Engineering team with a Solid Works File and asked us to check the cut out dimensions were correct to PDF spec sheets for these components.

We started off by taking JPEG images for the logo and the diagram and added them so a Solid Works File. This was then saved as a DXF. A DXF is a CAD data file format developed by Autodesk to enable data exchange between AutoCAD and other programs.

This design was then Water Jet cut from a 3mm aluminium plate. Due to the versatility of this machine its possibilities are endless. This Solid Works Model was then converted to a CNC Milling Model. This process is similar to both drilling and cutting. Milling uses a rotating cylindrical cutting tool, the cutter in this machine is able to move along multiple axes and can create a variety of shapes, slot and holes.

Once this was done the piece was ready to be engraved with text, logos and lettering with the 4 access CNC Mill.

The part was then powder coated matt black ready to be sent to the customer.