Subs for everyone!

Last week, the Red Box team welcomed a complimentary Subway to enjoy during their Monday lunch time. The team received this treat in exchange for the Red Box Engineering team making a part for the toaster oven that broke in the Totton store. The team set out to make a bracket for the oven based on the design of the previous part that had become worn. This part was made for the Merry Chef oven, EIKON E4 model in store.

The bracket was made using stainless steel and cut using the water jet. The jet works using a very high-pressure stream of water and abrasive particles, that is capable of cutting almost any material, up to 100mm thick.

This versatile machine creates endless opportunities, making it easy for the team to cut intricate shapes from the water jet, such as this toaster oven bracket. It allows metal to be cut with precision, making it the perfect machinery for the job.

The team at subway were happy to be back in action and the team at Red Box enjoyed their free Subways!

Contact the team today should you have any projects that require the use of our water jet machine, call 02381 120114.