What is a Container Conversion?

What is a container conversionRed Box Engineering offers a first-class container conversion service, but what did this mean exactly? Read on to learn more.

Forget the days when shipping containers were simply used as storage or to move goods from one side of the world to the other. It is time to embrace shipping containers in a brand new way, as more and more companies are now choosing container conversions as a way to advertise their services. That’s right, if you attend an outdoor event or exhibition these days you are likely to see a number of container conversions on display serving food, drinks, selling goods or simply promoting the range of services that they can provide and, not only this, but they also grab the attention of visitors more than any standard exhibition stand would.


But how do they get to that point?

Well, containers simply don’t convert themselves, so this is where Red Box Engineering comes into our own. We take shipping containers, completely transform them visually and enable them to cater for a wide range of different purposes. This could be pop-up restaurantsoffice facilitiesshops, cafes and even gyms. Whatever the requirement, as long as it involves shipping containers, we can do it.


What are the Benefits?

  1. Firstly, converting a container tends to work out much cheaper than finding alternative solutions. For example, rent on a property is generally far more costly than converting a shipping container and using it as your base for work.
  2. They look fantastic. If you are looking to catch the eye of potential customers at an event or exhibition, you are sure to grab people’s attention when compared to standard stands or pop-up catering facilities, for example.
  3. They can be easily transported wherever you need them. Fancy working from a different location, no problem!


There are plenty more benefits to having a shipping container conversion, but we hope that now if someone asks you what is a container conversion you’ll know exactly what to say to them.

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